We offer both group and private lessons which are a great introduction to the sport. Providing you with the latest equipment and a variety of different brands and board types, your comfort and enjoyment can be assured. Covering all the basics from different equipment types to stroke technique, our aim is to get you on the water and paddling with confidence.

WhatSUP have also created our very own three session starter package, developed so you can continually hit the water with confidence, a thorough knowledge of SUP and most importantly water safety. WhatSUP also offer one on one technical and training sessions which are suited to entry level paddlers with existing experience. These are focused on broadening your skill set or helping you to get ready for that big event.

To find out more about any of these services just look for the lesson heading that suits you below.

Group Lessons

These lessons go for 1½ hrs and will be held at 1 of our 2 locations on Brisbane’s Northside, offering both open or enclosed water locations. Our lessons cover water safety, different equipment types and budgets, storage and handling of boards, basic board control and the paddle stroke. We try to include as much relevant content as possible in our lessons while still keeping it fun and enjoyable for everyone.

All group lessons require a minimum of 2 people, to ensure your lesson does not get rescheduled we recommend you bring a friend or family member along for the fun. You will be notified of the selected lesson location the day before your lesson via email or phone once a booking has been placed.

$65 Per Person

Private Lessons

Each lesson goes for 1½ hours, with just you and the instructor, both open and enclosed water options are available. The lesson plan and procedures are the same as our group lessons, but delivered with a more personal touch. 

As our instructor will be 100% focused on you and your ability, we can build your confidence quicker and get you standing sooner. These types of lessons may suit people that do not feel comfortable learning in a group environment or who are looking for individualised experience.

$120 Per Lesson

Technical/Training session

Sessions are one on one and are suitable for people with existing SUP experience. Based on an hourly rate we give you the freedom to work in with your schedule and budget. The hourly rate also varies with the option to bring your own equipment making it cheaper. 

Whether you want to sharpen your SUP skills and take it to the next level or looking to prepare for that event you’ve been looking forward to. Our sessions are focused on improving your stroke technique, stamina, different types of stroke to suit conditions and pivot turning. 

We can develop a personalised training session to suit your needs, being as relaxed or intense as you like. We also provide recorded video footage of your time on the water and a break down on where improvements can be made for your future reference.

$90/Hr Without Equipment
$120/Hr With Equipment

SUP Starter Package

This is the most cost-effective and comprehensive introduction to the sport of SUP on offer. Our training package includes 3, 1 on 1 sessions and can be done over a 3-day period or booked over different weeks for your convenience. Once you have booked your first session, we can work in with you to book the following lessons to best suit your availability. 

The 1st session is our standard 1½ hour lesson which covers all the SUP basics. The 2nd session is for 1 hour and will focus more on the different types of strokes, improving your stroke and pivot turns. The 3rd session is a more relaxed paddle for 2 hours (at an agreed alternate location) refreshing what we have covered and answering any specific questions you may have about the sport, equipment choice, budget and different paddle locations around Brisbane. 

The aim of this package is to make sure you not only hit the water with confidence and knowledge, but you continue to enjoy paddling safely on the water for years to come.

$230 Per Package

Want to know

All our lessons include the latest range of boards and adjustable paddles. With different styles of boards to choose from you also have the advantage to try before you buy. For your safety and comfort, we also provide coiled leg ropes and long sleeve rashies which are Australian made from recycled materials. This way you are fully protected from the sun and it won’t matter if you get wet. We also offer safe storage of your personal belongings and sunscreen if required.

We ask that you please bring your own towel, water bottle, hat & sunscreen. We do have water and sunscreen available if required but would prefer people to bring their own due to current health & safety concerns. You may also choose to bring a change of clothing, as SUP is a water sport and you may not want a wet car seat on the drive home. All our lesson locations have public toilets available for changing if required, so there is no need to worry about privacy while changing.

We want to ensure your safety as much as your enjoyment, we ask that all students sign a personal indemnity form before the commencement of each lesson.  This is a standard form with the only additional requirements being that you are physically fit and have the ability to swim 50 meters.

Refunds or rebooking is only available based on the following conditions: WhatSUP have been notified of a cancelation at least 24hrs before the lesson start time. The instructor cancels a lesson due to dangerous weather conditions like high winds or rough water, this does not include rain. The instructor deems a student to be at risk due to a previously mentioned medical condition. For full details of our refund policy please email us at info@whatsuptoursandtrainging.com.au

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Lesson Locations

Moora Park, Shorncliffe

We recommend that you use car park 1 for ease of parking and access to lesson location. Car park 1 is accessed via Swan Street. Once you exit your car you can follow the footpath down the hill to the beach where our lesson location will be on the right-hand side. Alternatively you can use car park 2, which is accessible by a one-way service road on the bend of Park Parade. Follow the footpath to Shorncliffe Pier and our lesson location will be on the far end of the beach.

Queens Beach North, Scarborough

This location is easily found and navigated as the carpark is right on the beach front, with plenty of spaces available. The car park can be found by following Donkin Street to the end and driving down toward the beach along Flinders Parade. Once you arrive you will find our lesson area is situated at the northern end of the beach which can easily be identified by our blue gazebo and SUP boards. Toilets are situated toward the southern end of the beach if required.    

Clontarf Beach Park, Clontarf

Due to permit restrictions we only use this area on weekdays, which is great if you are a shift worker or would like to avoid the weekend crowds. We recommend you park on the beach side if possible to avoid having to dodge traffic, trying to cross the road here can be difficult. If you are crossing the bridge head left at the lights, staying in the right hand lane. Take the first right onto Angus St and follow this to the end, then turn right onto Hornibrook Esp and park anywhere on the left hand side. Unfortunately the toilets are not close by and are a 500m walk from our location so we request you come to your lesson ready or visit the facilities before your lesson starts.    

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